MIEL FLOR (متنوع وعام)

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العنوان: Cervantes n1 , Ayora, إسبانيا
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Flor de Flor is a new family of artisan beekeepers from Ayora. Family, because somehow everyone at home is entangled and artisans, because it is the way we understand and care for our hives, harvest and package their honey.
       We are in the interior of the province of Valencia, bordering Albacete, completely surrounded by the mountains of Mugrón, Palomera and Caroche: authentic green lung of the Valencian Community, of which already made reference for its leafiness and variety the botanist Cavanilles there by 1795.
The region belongs to the so-called Mediterranean climate, characterized by high temperatures and low rainfall in summer; In addition to a soil rich in nutrients and minerals make rosemary, thyme, lavender, jedrea or heather, provide the best nectar that bees can collect and take to the hives of their hives.
       Almost everything starts in 2010, when my little daughter, who was four years old at the time, was learning the lesson "the world of bees" at school.
Upon returning home and after telling us in his own way all that passionate world of bees, drones and queen, honey and flowers, we thought of taking her to see a real apiary to satisfy her curiosity. The same one that I inherited from my maternal grandfather Pepe Catalán, colmenero and passionate about his life-long trade.
        It was after that excursion when we bought some hives and later collected our first honey. That illusion of bringing completely natural honey home for the family, is what now in Flor de Flor we want to share with you, with all the love, dedication and enthusiasm to offer "the best of the best" that we and nature can give. The best honey, directly from the hive, without intermediaries, without mixtures or heat treatments, without microfiltration, so that it retains all its infinite properties. Natural honey, without more. Honey which crystallizes with the cold and over time as is its natural ripening process. Honey that as with good wine, is the same but different in each harvest, because they are never the same.
Rosemary, thyme, lavender, heather, orange blossom or forest are also affected by the rains or droughts, the cold or heat that each season conditions nature.
  We transhuma to obtain the different varieties and types of honey that different Spanish regions offer us, because we only sell honey from here.

Allrestaurants - MIEL FLOR  - Ayora, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - MIEL FLOR  - Ayora, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - MIEL FLOR  - Ayora, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - MIEL FLOR  - Ayora, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - MIEL FLOR  - Ayora, إسبانيا

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